2017 Conference

Managing our Water Checkbook: solutions for a Balanced Bottomline

Monday, January 30, 2017

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jay Famiglietti
Keynote Presentation

10:00-11:45 AM Opening Panel Discussion
Moderator: Inge Bisconer
Gary Bardini, Department of Water Resources
Michael Cohen, Pacific Institute
Michael George, State Water Resources Control Board
Danny Merkley, California Farm Bureau Federation

12:00-1:30 PM Lunch and Awards Presentation



Implementing SGMA-How Are We Getting There?
Moderators: Tim O’Halloran and Dean Currie

SGMA Implementation in the Sacramento Valley Area, Kristin Sicke, Yolo County Flood Control & WCD
The RED TOP Agreement: A Local Project to Combat Subsidence Related Issues in Western Madera County, Chris White, Central California Irrigation
SGMA GSA Formation: Completion Requires Commitment, Robert Johnson, Monterey County Water Agency
SGMA Implementation Flexibility and Adaptability-Examples from Ventura County, Tony Morgan, United Water Conservation District

1:30-3:00 PM URBAN
Current Regulatory Climate
Moderator: Carrie Pollard

Long Term Conservation Regulations-the State is the Conductor, Max Gomberg, State Water Resources Control Board
Leading the Way-Perspective from a Utility Already on Board, Richard Harris, East Bay Municipal Utility District
Jumping on Board: Perspective from Utilities planning a Path Forward, Sue Mosburg, Sweetwater Authority

3:00-3:20 PM BREAK



Implications of Decreased Agricultural Irrigated Acres
Moderator: David Miller

Does High Evapotranspiration Lead to Highest Yields in Pistachios and Almonds? Dan Howes, Cal Poly Irrigation Training & Research Center
SGMA Implications-A Grower’s Perspective Jason Pucheu, Maricopa Orchards
SGMA and California Dairy Industry- Final Bob Kelley, Stevinson Corporation


3:20-5:00 PM URBAN
Creative Checkbook Balancing-Paying Attention to Peak and Baseline Water and Energy Use
Moderator: Stefaniya Becking

Results from Pilot Study on Water Peak Demand Reduction, Peter Mayer, Alliance for Water Efficiency and WaterDM
Energy Peak and Utilities’ Incentives for Water Districts, Katherine Wang, Energy Solutions
In Conduit and In Stream Technology Assessment in SMUD Service Area: Water-Energy Connection, GEI Consultants
Energy Savings from Water Conservation Programs in Santa Clara Valley WD Service Area, Zachary Helsley, Santa Clara Water District

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Solutions for Dealing with Changes
Moderators: Tom Hawes and Blake Sanden

Incentivizing Customers to Connect Alternative Supplies, Kira Alonzo, Metropolitan Water District
Sonoma County Water Agency Approach to Managing Limited Water Supply, Pam Jeane, Sonoma County Water Agency
Technological Solutions-Total Farm System Management, Rich Bernier, Simplot
Greater Utilization of Alternative Water Supplies, Blake Sanden


9:50-10:10 AM BREAK



10:10-12:00 PM AGRICULTURE
Current Innovations to Help Balance our Portfolio
Moderator: Chase Hurley

North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program: a District’s Alternative Water Supply, Adam Scheuber for Anthea Hansen, Del Puerto Water District
Down on the Ranch: Implementation of New Techniques and Technology, Dan Royer, Bowles Farming
Water Recycling for the Agricultural Community: Where are we Headed?, Bob Holden, Monterey Regional Water Pollution Agency
The Irrigation District: Moving Forward and Keeping Up with the Modernized Farmer, Merlon Kidwel, Imperial Irrigation District

10:10-12:00 PM URBAN
Saving Water Beyond the Golden State
Moderator: Bill McDonnell

The Other 49, Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency
The Western 16, Tom Hawes, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
International Outlook, Lisa Maddaus, Maddaus Water Management