2016 Conference

California’s New Water Realities: Solving the Puzzle

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9:30-10:00 Keynote Speaker: Jenny Lester Moffitt

10:00-11:45 AM Opening Panel, moderated by Danny Merkley

Louie Brown, Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP
Tom Ferguson, Imagine H2O
Doug Obegi, Natural Resources Defense Council
Dave Gutierrez, Department of Water Resources
John Woodling, Regional Water Authority

12:00-1:30PM Lunch and Awards Presentation


Existing Technology and Data Overload, Lots of Tools, Lots of Data, Are We Applying them Effectively?
Moderators: Inge Bisconer, Blake Sanden and Jim Anshutz

How Drip irrigation Has Made a Diffrence, Dr. David Zilberman, UC Berkeley
We’ve Developed Technologies: Now We Need to Invest in Helping People Use Them Effectively, Dr. David Zoldoske, CIT, Fresno State
Tools of the Trade, Hal Crain, Crain Ranch-Burch Creek Farms Tehama
Moving Forward to Meet Demand; an Irrigation Ditrict Perspective, Sam Bologna, South San Joaquin ID

1:30-3:00 PM URBAN
Puzzling Out New Policy: What’s in California’s Future
Moderator: Mary Ann Dickinson

Updates on Urban Water Conservation Statewide, Including UWMP, Peter Brostrom, Department of Water Resources
Model Water Efficient Landscape in Califonia, Julie Saare-Edmonds, Department of Water Resources
Other Updates from SWRCB, Kathy Fervert, State Water Resources Control Board
California’s Legislative Response to the Drought, Bill Craven, Chief Consultant to the Senate Natural Resources Committee

3:00-3:20 PM BREAK


True Definition of Drought: How We Cope. How We React
Moderators: Tim O’Halloran, Manucher Alemi

A Farmer’s Perspective, Don Cameron, Terranova Ranch
Arigultural Water Supplier Measures of Success, Stan Wangberg, Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District
Federal Drought Response Activities, Sheryl Looper, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
State Drought Response Plan, Jeanine Jones, Department of Water Resources

3:20-5:00 PM URBAN

Landscape Conversion Programs. Is it the Missing Piece of the Puzzle?
Moderator: William Granger

Update to the CUWCC Report, Briana Seapy, California Urban Water Conservation Council
Making Conservation a Way of Life, Diana Brooks, Department of Water Resources
Landscape Transformation: Millions of Lessons Learned, Bill McDonnell, Metropolitan Water District
Profiting from Water Conservation, Peter Estournes, Gardenworks, Inc.

5:00-7:00 PM RECEPTION



Education Programs: Can More Be Done?
Moderators: Jim Anshutz, Tom Hawes

Irrigation Technician Program Development & the Stackable Certificate Program Concept For California Community Colleges, Nancy Gutierrez, California Community Colleges
CIrrigation Association Education Program Update & the Walla Walla Irrigation Technology ProgramGerald Anhorn, Walla Walla Community Colleges
UC Water Management Education InitiativeDr. Daniele Zaccariah, UC Cooperative Extension
Anatomy of a Public Ed Program , Tim Wheeler, Mount Anthony Community College
Impacting Permanent Change Through Education:A Statewide Look at Conservation and Management Efforts, Jennifer Persike, Association of California Water Agencies

9:50-10:10 BREAK


10:10-12:00 PM AGRICULTURE

New Technology, New Reality: Different Future, Different Thoughts
Moderators: Chase Hurley, Dean Currie

Agricultural Water Treatment: from Pilot Plant to Full Build Out, Aaron Mandell, Water FX-Solar Treatment
Satellite and Variable Rate Irrigation in Wine Grapes;a Collaborative Project with IBM, Luis Sanchez, E&J Gallo Winery
A Farmer’s Role in Helping California Solve the Water Puzzle, Jack Vessey, Vessey Company, Inc.
Managing Resources with Hyperspectral Imagery, Keith Gorzell, Advanced Reconnaissance Corporation
Traditional vs. Plant Sensor Based Irrigation for Vineyards, Thibaut Scholash, Fruition Science

10:10-12:00 PM URBAN

Research and “IT” Pieces of the Puzzle
Moderator: Tom Hawes

Effectiveness of Sprinkler Nozzle Give-Aways, Mark Graham, Metropolitan Water District
Outdoor Phase I and Phase II Studies, Peter Mayer, Alliance for Water Efficiency
Is There an App for That? Sacramento’s Experience with Water Waste Reporting, William Granger, City of Sacramento
WaterSMART Allocations-Using Budget Based Billing with GIS and New Technologies to Customize Irrigation Efficiency Solutions, Matt Dickens, Valencia Water District


12:00-1:30 PM Luncheon Speaker